What Is Trello Board? A Complete Guide

Have you heard about Trello and wanna know more about it? Or are you planning to purchase it? Whatever the reason is, this article is right for you. Here, I’ll mention all the main things about Trello and its use. Let’s begin – 

What is Trello? 

It is a simple application that permits people to organize projects and other things into boards. It helps in knowing the project’s progress, like what is being worked on, how much time the project will take, etc. 

It offers functions that help people assign tasks to their team, set deadlines, and monitor the task.


What is Trello used for? 

It is used for a variety of tasks; some of which are – 

  • Project management. 
  • Work management as it helps in keeping stick to the deadline. 
  • You can use it to mark subtasks within a card. 
  • Tasks can be allocated to all the team members. And whenever anything is changed in that particular project, the members will be notified.

How to login to Trello? 

Before starting the Trello login process, I would like to inform you that you must have a Trello account to log in. If you don’t have one, create it first.

Trello Login

Now, let’s know the Trello login process – 

  • Make sure to have a stable internet connection. 
  • Go to Trello. 
  • Now, you can see two options – get started and log in. 
  • Tap on login. 
  • Enter the credentials. 
  • Again click on login. 

How to sign up on Trello?

Many users still face issues while signing up on the platform. So if you are one of them or someone who wishes to have a Trello account, here is the guide for you. It will help you to create your account – 

Trello Signup

Step 1. Go to platform

The first thing every user has to do is visit the Trello website or app. Click on sign-up. 

You can find the sign-up option on the website at the top right. And on the app, the moment you open it, you’ll get it there. 

Step 2. Complete the credentials

Now, you’ll get various ways to register. Choose the method and follow the given instructions (on-screen). 

Step 3. Enter the name

Once you complete the previous step, you will be asked to enter your name and surname. Do it and then touch the register option. 

Step 4. Robot test

This seems easy, but still, many people get stuck in it, so do it carefully. Usually, the tool takes an image test to verify that the person trying to sign up is human. So complete the test and touch the verify option. 

Even if you fail in this, you can try it again. Don’t feel weird because many people fail the human verification test. 

Step 5. Confirm

Confirmation is the final stage in the signing-up process. In this, you will get an email on the registered account to verify your identity. 

You will get a “verify your email” option in blue words. Click on it and do it. 

Ohlala..!! Now, you can enjoy the features offered by Trello. Congrats, you are done with the signing-up process. 

Trello tutorial 

After hearing about the advantages of Trello, many people want to use it for different things. Are you also one of them? If yes, here is the guide to how to use Trello – 

How to Create a board? 

  • Go to the personal boards tab > tap on create new board > name it > select background pattern
  • Choose the team you wish to share this board with. 
  • Tap on the create board

What is the process for List creation? 

Lists play an important role in dividing the group between team members. Apart from this, it can also prove helpful in letting you know the project’s progress. 

  • Open the board you wish to create a list for. 
  • Add a list option is provided under the board’s name> touch it.
  • Add whatever you wish to the list. 

You can add as many lists as you wish by tapping on the “add another list” option again and again. 

⏩ Sometimes, users find a need to change the order of the lists. So, in that case, tap and drag and move the lists as per your requirement. 

How can you create cards? 

Cards are the option given under lists, but they can also be moved to other lists. You can consider them subcategories of the list. Under the cards, you can also mention their details in the description.

For example – there are three lists: X, Y, and Z. Under X, you wish to write an email to your team members. Under Y, you wanna write a book. Under Z, you are planning to create a new website. 

So ultimately, it will help you to complete every task you have decided on. 

⏩ If you want to move any card to another list, you can use the drag-and-drop functionality of the platform. 

How can you use the add-to-card section? 

There are many other options that you can use to add additional details to the card. 

For example – 

Checklist option – You can use it to add things that you don’t want to miss in this card. 

Labels – it is a great function that lets the users categorize and see the different cards on the board. 

Dates – you can use it to set due dates and when you wish to get the remainder. Apart from this, you can also add the start date of the card. 

Attachment – it is used to upload photos and other things from your system. 

Custom fields permit the users to customize their board per their requirements. 

Just like these features, there are a lot more under the cards. 

How to find different things on Trello? 

To find things, you can use the power-up section. It’s given under the show menu. Tap on power-ups. Under this, you can get features that are really helpful in completing tasks. Each power-up has its own feature, so go through the list and use whichever suits your demands. 

How can you use Trello for project management? 

Here are the steps that will help you to know how can you manage a project on Trello – 

Step 1 – create a board and task cards

The process starts with board and card creation. It is more like planning your project. So do it first. 

Step 2 – assign the tasks to members. 

Step 3 – move the cards when they are completed. 

It will help to know what task is pending and what is completed. 

Step 4 – close the project. 

Once everything is done, close the project and do a post-project analysis to see if everything is done properly. 

Trello calendar

The Trello calendar power-ups are extremely useful in showing the board’s due dates in calendar format. You can switch it between weeks and month modes to get a better view of your things.


Trello calendar

Wanna use it? This is how you can – 

  • Tap on the show menu.
  • Touch add power-up option
  • Enter “calendar” in the search space. 
  • Now, tap on add

Calendar view

It is a function that is available only in the business and enterprise subscription of the platform. It is best suited for tracking the team’s progress and inspecting the status of your projects. Not only this, but it also plays a vital role in keeping a team on track. 

Other prominent features of this function are – 

  1. You can drag your cards to new days, which will automatically change their dates. 
  2. Helps you in focusing on work as per priority. 
  3. Informs the users about assignments that need to be completed. 
  4. Helpful in mapping out and organizing time-based events.

Wanna enable it? Here’s how you can – 

  • Tap on the views switcher tab on the Trello board > select calendar. 

What is a Trello board? 

Trello board allows people to create an organized workflow and track the tasks and team. The number of boards you can create depends on the plan you have purchased.


Trello board

The main benefits of using a board on Trello are – 

  • Smooth editing
  •  proper organization of projects 
  • You get power-up calendars that help in prioritizing tasks. 
  • Offers team collaboration
  • Mobile-friendly. 

⏩ You can personalize your boards as per your needs. 

How to close a board in Trello?

Closing a board is easy – 

  • Go to the board menu you wanna close by clicking on the show menu option. 
  • Tap on three dots (More).
  • Now, click on the close board. 
  • Confirm that you want to close. 

After this, you’ll be asked whether you wish to permanently delete or re-open the board. Choose wisely. If you tap on “permanently delete board,” all your saved data will be gone. And if you want to leave it closed, you can head back from here. 

Trello board templates 

Trello board templates 

In this section, I’ll mention some extremely useful board examples. 

  • Project Management 

This Trello board template is developed by Trello management. It permits users to create an ideal workflow for every type of project. It has six lists by default –

  1. Resources contain designs, documents, and other things your team will have to refer to while working. 
  2. Questions for the next meeting 
  3. to do – it is the section where live tasks are mentioned. 
  4. Pending – tasks that are yet to be completed. 
  5. Blocked – rejected tasks. 
  6. Done – it is where all the finished tasks are kept. 
  • Kanban template 

It is designed for making sure a fluid workflow. It is best suited for engineering teams who wish to create a roadmap for their project. 

 It, too, has six lists – backlog, design, to-do, code review, testing, and done. 

  • Remote team hub

It is one of the best templates to monitor and improve the remote team’s efficiency. It consists of three lists – team info, current projects, and completed projects. 

  • Marketing overview

It is best suited for users whose tasks revolve around creating and tracking deliverables across marketing campaigns. 

  • Daily task management

It is designed by Michelle fry and can be used to track personal tasks and to-do lists. It uses butler automation for task management. 

You can use it by creating cards in the backlog list and then dragging them into the to-do list. 

  • Customer success management 

Chris Wheeler created it for tracking customer success and relationships. It is one of the best templates for marketing agencies and people who wish to inspect the customer success of their projects or services. 

It has five lists by default – highlights, agenda items, projects, feature requests, and completed. 

⏩ In this template, you can make various boards for different customers. 

These are only a few; Trello offers many board templates. Just go through each and check which suits you best. 

 How to delete a Trello board? 

The process for deleting a Trello board is more like closing it. Let me explain it – 

  • Open board menu.
  • Tap on more.
  • Now, click on the “close board…” option.
  • After this, you’ll get two options = re-open and permanently delete the board. Click on the latter one. 

That’s all. 

Trello desktop app

Trello desktop app

Trello app is considered better to use as it offers some more features. It is claimed that the app lets users work more productively than the browser version. Users face less inconvenience. For example – 

  • More notifications

With the desktop application, you can get the notifications benefit. You just have to turn on desktop notifications; after that, you will be notified of everything. 

⏩ You can also get notifications on the browser version. But for that, you have to keep the Trello tab open always. In contrast, there is no need to do so on the app. 

  • Shortcuts

Some shortcuts are exclusive to the desktop app only. And mind it; those shortcuts are handy in managing multiple boards properly. 

Some of those exlusive shortcuts are – 

  • F11 – toggle fullscreen. 
  • CTRL+SHIFT+B – for opening the board’s page. 
  • CTRL+SHIFT+D – setting the current board as default.
  • CTRL+D – navigating to the default board. 
  • CTRL+1-9 –  moving to starred boards. 
  • CTRL+ALT+C – to copy the URL of the chosen card. 
  • CTRL+ALT+V – opening the URL of the chosen card. 

Like these two things, the Trello app is better in many ways. 

How to download the Trello desktop app? 

The Trello download process isn’t complicated. The process is the same as of other apps – 

  • Open the respective stores of your devices (app store/play store). 
  • Search for Trello. 
  • Download it. 

What is Trello API? 

The Trello application programming interface provides multiple endpoints to interact with the Trello app. It permits the users to make an HTTP request to perform actions in your Trello dashboard. It makes it easy for users to automate some boring and time-taking tasks. 

Trello API

Want to use a trello api? This is how you can – 

  • Create an account on Trello if you don’t have one. 
  • Next, you should have an API key – a random 32-character alphanumeric string.  

( Move to https://trello.com/app-key > accept terms > tap on shoe API key). 

  • Other than the API key, you should have a token to begin making API calls. You can get it from the same page where you got the API key. 

Ensure you keep it private; otherwise, your data won’t be secure. 

  • After all this, make HTTP requests with trello api. 

⏩ Having a Trello board is a must for requests. 

⏩ For sending these requests, you can use chrome extensions like postman. 

Trello chrome extension

The Trello chrome extension isn’t available now because Google delisted it. But in this section, I’ll list some extensions that will help you customize it per your needs. 

Trello chrome extension

To find and add things

  • Gmail To Trello 
  • Capture for Trello – it allows users to add screenshots directly to Trello. 
  • Trello Add-card
  • Marker for trello 

To organize and sort things

  • Trelabels for Trello – it helps users to label titles show on cards. 
  • Ultimello – allows the user to sort lists by card features.
  • Trellists: Trello lists master – it allows users to hide and show lists. 
  • List layouts for Trello 

To plan and schedule things 

  • Corrello 
  • Plus for Trello – it helps with weekly reports, time tracking, scrum management, and many more things.  
  • Trellius: Calendar for Trello – it enables the users to view the board and calendar at the same time. 

To complete things 

  • GTD: Trello Card Links 
  • Pomello
  • Taco

How much does Trello cost? 

The features and benefits of Trello influence many people, and that’s why they wish to purchase its plans. If you are one of those, let me tell you about the Trello pricing – 

It offers four plans – free, standard, premium, and enterprise. 

FreeZeroUnlimited cardsLimitless power-upsNo restrictions on storage.2-F authenticationCustom background and stickers are available.Due dates250 workspace commands run monthly.
Standard$5Unlimited boardsSaved SearchesSingle board guestsCustom fieldsUnlimited storageAdvanced checklist1k workspace commands run monthly. 
Premium$10Data can be exported easily.Workspace-level templates are given.Admin and security features are offered.Limitless workspace commands run.Workspace views are available.
Enterprise$17.50Limitless workspacesFree of charge SSOPower-up administrationAttachement permissionsPublic board managementOrganization visible boards are given.

Apart from these, many more functions are offered within the above-mentioned plans. So make sure you compare all and then decide what suits your needs. 

⏩ For more details about Trello’s cost, visit the official website – trello.com. 

Is Trello down? 

Most platforms encounter errors like a server outages, down, or website is in maintenance, etc. Because of this, users aren’t able to use the platform. So if you are also not able to use it, check whether it is down. 

⏩Downdetector.com can help you know the status of the website. 

If it is down, don’t get worried because the problem is temporary. It will be solved after some time, and you’ll be able to use Trello again. 

Trello alternative

Trello is not affordable to many. Apart from that, some people don’t like using it for many reasons. So that’s why I have come up with a list of alternatives. Instead of using Trello, you can use them – 


 It is an all-in-one project management and team collaboration platform where users can plan, organize, deliver, and use many more features. 

It offers two paid plans apart from its 14 days free trial. Those plans are – 

  • Essential – $45/month
  • Ultimate control – $89/month

I know it’s a bit expensive in comparison to Trello. But it also offers some features like custom reports, online proofing, etc., that Trello does not provide. 


It is more than just a project management platform. It is a place where teams can bring all their knowledge in one place. Some of its main features are – 

  • There is no limit on the number of collaborative documents users can create. 
  • Allows to track the extra information about things. 
  • Permits people to collaborate in real time. 
  • Real-time updates are provided. 


It is considered one of the most straightforward project management software. You can easily assign tasks, communicate and track progress on it. 

The main features of teamwork are – 

  • Provides time-saving features.
  • Multiple inboxes are available.
  • Flexible
  • Provides access to various useful built-in apps and tools.


It is full of business collaboration and management functions that help people take their work to the next level. With this, multiple projects can be managed easily as it offers end-to-end solutions. Other key functions offered by the platform are – 

  • User-friendly navigation.
  • It creates reports from the start.
  • Live chat support is given. 
  • Plan and divide resources that help in the timely submission of projects.
  • Plan projects. 

Trello vs Asana

Asana is also a project management software just like Trello. But many people are confused about which they should purchase for their work. And that’s when they start looking for both platforms’ features. Are you one of those? Keep reading – 


It is specially designed for workflow management. It consists of various tools that help users to manage tasks and information quickly. 

⏩ Small businesses and larger teams widely prefer it. 

Key features of this software are – 

  • Helps in creating workflows to streamline projects in one place. 
  • Dynamic reporting.
  • Custom fields.
  • Have 100 app integrations.
  • Boards are available that help in visualizing task progress.
  • You can get notifications when a task is moved from one stage to another. 

Asana pricing 

It offers two price tiers – 

  • Premium – $10.99
  • Business – $24.99


Trello too, is a project management software that offers the following features – 

  • Task scheduling and prioritization.
  • Shared team calendar. 
  • Great user interface
  • Simple workflows
  • Multiple collaboration features
  • Beginner tutorials are available.
  • Time tracking
  • Power-ups are offered. 
  • A vast range of templates is provided. 

Trello pricing 

It has four price tiers – 

  • Free 
  • Standard – $5
  • Premium – $10
  • Enterprise -17.50

Summing up… 

I hope your doubts regarding Trello are solved. I have tried to mention all the main important points in the article. But if you think I have missed anything, let me know in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Trello free? 

    Yes, you can use Trello for free, but that has limited features. 

  2. Who owns Trello? 

    It is developed and owned by Trello enterprise, a subsidiary of Atlassian. 

  3. Is Trello used for project management? 

    Yes, Trello is used for project management. It offers a lot of features that make it easy for everyone to handle any project. 

  4. In how many languages is Trello available? 

    It is available in 21 languages – Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, french, german, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese

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