Shadovis Trello, Codes, Script, Tier List, Wiki & Discord!

Looking for shadovis trello, wiki, discord, its tier list, codes or script? If yes, then read on because this article has everything you are finding.

Shadovis Trello, Codes, Script, Tier List, Wiki & Discord

Shadovis Trello

The trello board for the shadovis serves as a summary hub where you can quickly grasp the fundamental aspects of the game. 

So, if you are looking for a brief overview of what the game offers, this Trello board is the place to go. 

But you can’t currently access it as it’s not created yet.

Shadovis Wiki

The Shadovis wiki page offers detailed content.

Whether you’re unfamiliar with the game or want to learn everything thoroughly, the wiki page is the ultimate resource. 

You can explore it through the following link –

Shadovis Discord

The Shadovis discord server functions as a community where you can connect with fellow players and engage with developers. 

You can consider it as the primary platform for announcements about game updates. 

Additionally, you can ask whatever questions you have about the game here. 

Here’s the link to it –

Shadovis Codes

Creators of the roblox games, including Shadovis, often share codes to distribute items for free. 

Below is the rundown of currently active codes and rewards – 

  1. iloveshadovia – 1.5x XP for 1 hour
  2. iloveshadiovis – 1.5x XP for 9 hours
  3. minionmaster – minion master tome
  4. saveslots – 400% XP for 1 hour
  5. twindrake – Twin Drake Daggers
  6. overlord – The Great Pour
  7. craft – Ring of Transmutations
  8. photon – Photon Ring
  9. joindiscord – Leafy Sprig
  10. 100kfavs – Flying Star Chakram
  11. void – Magic Star
  12. 10mil- Wizards Command
  13. twitter – Fledging Ringlet
  14. burning – Faux Firebrand
  15. 7500likes – Gold Ring
  16. million(2) – Wanwood Antlers
  17. 75000likes – Dusk Blade

For redeeming these codes, just follow these steps – 

  • Open the game and click the $ button.
  • Fill in the desired code and hit the submit button or press enter key. 

Shadovis Tier List

The tier list of this game hasn’t been made yet. 

But you can get an idea about the rarities from the following page –

Shadovis Script

Shadovis script can help you instruct the game to favour you. Here’s it – 


Note – the use of scripts in roblox games is banned. So if you are tracked using it, you can even get suspended from the game. 

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