Grand Piece Online Trello, Codes, Wiki, Vampire & Update 9!

Are you looking for grand piece online Trello, wiki, codes, vampire style, or its update 9 notes? If yes, just keep reading as this article has details about all these things. 

Grand Piece Online Trello

Grand Piece Online Trello

The Grand Piece Online Trello board is built by its developers to inform players about everything in the game. Here’s the list of the content that you can find here – 

  • Updates, controls, game, arena mode, dungeon mode, trading hub, trading island, maps, settings, locations, quest givers, race, functions, Npcs, fighting styles, ships, bosses, boss drops, event drops, karoo race drops, dungeon drops, haki, useful items, and staff team. 

And hey..! Don’t worry about how you will find everything there – everything is penned down in an organized manner. 

So just click on the link, and the rest will be easy. Here’s it –

Grand Piece Online Codes

Codes in Grand Piece online are given out by the game’s creators to enable players to get some free items without investing much effort. 

Here’s the list of the codes that you can redeem currently – 

10FREEROLLS10 rolls
spresetFREE2SP reset
900K30REROLLSFree rolls
FREE24HR2XDROP42x Drop Boost
FREE24HR2XDROP32x Drop boost

Here’s how you can take advantage of these codes – 

  • Open the game and then press M to open the menu. 
  • There, tap on the settings icon. 
  • Look at the bottom now. There, you’ll see a text box. You need to enter the code there.
  • After entering, press enter. 

That’s all. 

Points to remember while redeeming

Yes, there are some things that you need to take care of while redeeming the codes. The rundown of these are – 

  • The codes should be active. 
  • You can use one code only once.
  • Enter the codes as they are – NO CHANGES! 
  • If you are not able to redeem any newly released code, try redeeming again after some time. 

Grand Piece Online Wiki

The Grand Piece online wiki page is similar to its Trello board – it also provides information about in-game things. 

The only difference is that detailed articles are penned down here. 

So, if you want to know everything in detail, the wiki page is your destination. Here’s its link –

Grand Piece Online Vampire

Vampire is a fighting style that includes the usage of the player’s natural vampiric abilities to absorb the life of enemies. This ability cuts them through with torrents. 

The Moveset of vampire style is – 

KeyName of the MoveWhat does it do? 
(PASSIVE) Blood BarEnables blood aura use. 
CBlood DragonCall dragons that can destroy the selected place. 
XBlood AuraNeeds 25% of blood bar to work. 
ZBlood ChainPull the enemies back with a chain and then strike them.
RBlood DashSurrounds the player in blood as they dash ahead. 
EVampire BiteBite the enemies.

Pros of vampire-style

  • Permits you to close the distance without any hassle. 
  • Bite is a true combo entender. 
  • Blood dash is hard to predict. You can say it is a perfect block. Not only this, it really has a short cooldown. 
  • Blood aura can help you win the game. 

Cons of Vampire Style

  • Has a low damage scaling. 
  • Blood dragon is the only move that causes enormous damage. 
  • While using a blood chain, it’s hard to follow anything because it sends the opponents away. 
  • Blood aura drains the blood bar quickly. 

Grand Piece Online Update 9 

Grand Piece Online has released Update 9, which introduced many new things, including Buddha fruit, a new island, and multiple weapons and titles. 

Small fixes and other issues are also addressed in this update, so it can be assumed that your experience will improve. 

Now, let’s go through the brief of these newly included and updated things – 

  • Max bounty
    • 1 lakh 50k. 
  • Fruits
    • Buddha
    • Animation is added to the venom fruit model. 
  • Islands
    • Impel Base
      • Present in the second sea and includes three levels of difficulty. 
      • NW of thriller bark.
      • NPCs don’t drop any items, but if you clear this base, you can expect rewarded points. 
    • Transylvania
      • West of Shell Town. 
      • Present in 1st sea.
  • New Bosses
    • Halloween event
      • Resurrected Ba’al
        • Available in the 1st sea. 
        • Drop three items – weapon, cosmetic, and outfit. 
      • True Demon Ba’al
        • This, too, is located in the 1st sea and drops 3 things – one weapon and 2 cosmetics.
    • Impel Down Raid
      • Vera’s Warden
      • Bulgori
      • Impel Down’s head jailer.  
      • Jailer Han
      • Impel Down Elite High Guard
      • Sphinx
  • New Weapons
    • Impel Down
      • Kessui, raiui, Whip of Vera, and black pitchfork. 
    • Crew Reward
      • Ace
    • Halloween event
      • Halberd and Great Sword of Hallow.
    • Halloween Battle Pass
      • Stark Guns
  • Fighting Styles
    • Duhallian
      • Its trainer is present in the 1st sea of Transylvania.
    • Vampire
      • Its trainer is present in 2nd sea thriller bark. 
  • New Items
    • 39 new items, most of which are outfits and accessories. 
    • Buffed Kikoku drop rate. 
    • 9 new custom grips. 
  • New Titles
    • 3 new titles are introduced. 
    • Marines can receive rewards if they have capes or outfits as titles. 
    • Title progress when arresting or gripping someone which was invisible can now be seen. 
  • Revamped Crew System
    • You can build a new crew, but you need 100k+ for that. 
    • Allows you to make 10 ranks within each unit you create.
      • The base maximum number of members can be 10. However, you can increase this limit to 500. 
      • Supports both marine factions and pirate crews.
        • Only marines are allowed to become a part of marine factions.
          • If you want to leave your position as a marine crew, you have to leave the crew before resigning. The same thing applies to pirates, too. 
  • Conquest Gamemode
    • 4 crews queue against each other in Universe Hub.
      • Your crew will most probably be queued with the crews having similar infamy. 
    • You just need to capture an island to get all the points.
    • You can now use flag poles to set spawn points. 
    • The crew with the most points at the end of the timer wins. 
    • The winning crew will get infamy and conquest points as rewards.
      • Losing crew will also lose infamy. 
    • You can now use conquest points to expand your crew members’ max limit. 
    • Shells town is the location of the crew captain for the 1st Sea.
    • The cafe’s front at the desert Kingdom is the location of the crew captain for the second sea.
    • Infamy is the determining factor for ranking crews on the global leaderboard.
      • If you have an infamy threshold and enough to be on the global leaderboard, everyone in your crew will receive the current top 50 rewards. 
      • If your crew ranks drop from the global leaderboard, the rewards will be taken away from you. 
    • As a crew, you can capture islands for infamy and conquest points, but that is only available on public servers.
      • Capturable islands are shown below the compass, showing your distance and island status. 
      • Each crew member can only capture a single island but can conquer more than one. 
      • Some islands are more worthy than the ones shown in yellow. 
  • General Changes
    • Stamina pots heal % max hp and are stackable, but have a reduced BR now. 
    • You can no longer regen HP in an astonished state. But despite this, you can regen stamina. 
    • 1st and 2nd sea spawns transfers.
      • For example – You can set your spawn to Desert Kingdom while traveling to the 1st sea and then can return to the second sea easily. Vice-versa for the 1st sea. 
    • The duration of Buso Haki has changed. He can now last forever in battle royale and arena.
    • Product gifting is added. 
    • Better color customization for Haki is provided. 
    • Better color customization in the main menu, too, is added. 
    • Fighting style stats are the same now, so you don’t need to readjust the stats again and again. 
    • Geppo needs to go on cooldown after it is used 5 times in 5 seconds. 
    • Everyone has evasives now.
      • The process of activating  evasive is –
        • Be astonished and have the evasive off cooldown > press Q. 
    • Your crew members are now marked as green. 
    • !pvppads can be used to enable arena cooldowns and health regen in private servers. 
    • If you have a fighting style that has its own melee, it will automatically be applied to all fists. So, you can now have dragon claw M1s with a selected fruit tool. 
    • Adjusted some beginner islands.
    • They have reset the backend for matchmaking queues. 
    • Cooldown counter is added. 
    • Haki V2 marks your weapons. 
    • Global chat is activated.
      • You also get the option of party chat only. 
    • Trading Shouts are re-added. 
    • You can go to the place where you have left off from the trade hub. 
    • You get the power to unequip your custom grips. 
    • You can M1 many targets now. 
    • Levelling is made 30% easier. 
    • The unreliability of m1 is fixed. 
  • Colosseum Event Changes
    • Rare/legendary chests are no longer given for winning.
      • The top 3 receive a rare fruit with 2x chances of becoming a legendary one.
      • Participants receive a random fruit.
    • Cooldown duration is reduced to 15 minutes. 
  • Fruit Chest Changes
    • The capacity of rare and legendary fruit chests is decreased to 5.
      • Your current chests won’t be reduced, but you won’t be able to get new ones until your chests drop down to 5. 
      • You need 5 legendary chests to convert legendary to a mythical chest. 
    • Out of 100 fruits you get, you can expect one of them to be legendary. But this is only valid when you get fruits from the outside of chests. 
  • NPC Changes
    • Krakens and sea beasts will no longer go too close to islands. 
    • Bosses are now allowed to use evasives. 
  • Arena Changes
    • Elo is added to battle royal, 5v5s, 2v2s and 1v1s. 
    • Phone number or ID verification is no longer needed to play Arena/BR. 
  • BR Changes
    • There is only one lucky zone now. 
    • The size of the final zone has increased by 75%.
    • Cyborg and vampire medals are added. 
    • Max level is increased to 575. 
    • Party chat is automatically activated. 
    • The map is themed to fall. 
  • Balance Patch
    • Zushi
      • Legendary
      • Gravity Pull CD is reduced to 15. 
    • Kage
      • Legendary
      • Iframes are added to fleeing shadows. 
      • Slight endlag is added to the shadow box. 
      • Less stun for burrowing shadows.
      • Can be used to increase the m1 scaling. 
    • Suna
      • Legendary
      • Reduce stun on frenzy.
      • Desert Spada cooldown is raised. 
    • Ope
      • Mythical
      • Mes Start up is decreased. 
      • Counter shock is increased. 
      • Gamma knife bumps people away. 
    • Gori
      • Legendary
      • Decreased stamina cost.
      • Hyper armor is removed for Lightning Dragon and Wrath but added to Flash Smash. 
      • Damage scaling is raised by 50%. 
      • Full-size scaling speed is increased. 
    • Venom
      • Mythical
      • Venom spit CD is increased. 
      • True stun is added for venom hydra. 
      • The ability to perfect block puddles is eliminated. 
    • Gomu
      • Rare
      • More stun is added. 
      • The stun for jet stomp is raised. 
      • Damage for Red Hawk is raised by 20%. 
    • Magu
      • Legendary
      • Eruption cooldown is raised by 30%.
      • Swamp speed is raised by 50%.
      • The CD is increased. 
    • Spring
      • Epic
      • Facebreaker stun is increased. 
      • The death knock block breaker is eliminated. 
      • Spring leap includes 3 leaps.
    • Mera
      • Legendary
      • Damage scaling for Hiken and Flame Pillar is increased by 35%.
      • The flame pillar is unactivated during the flame flight of Mera. 
    • Hie
      • Legendary
      • It can freeze targets ragdolled. 
    • Gura
      • Legendary
      • Blast clutcher takes reduced time to charge to the full size. 
    • Pika
      • Legendary
      • The cooldown for light flight is increased by 5 seconds. 
    • Mero
      • Rare
      • Love charm raised cooldown to 17. 
    • Spin
      • Common
      • Spinning cyclone cooldown raised by 12. 
    • Heal
      • Common
      • Healing support is raised by 30%.
    • Bomu
      • Rare
      • If you use it, you can see your own once set up. 
      • Bomu mines can now break blocks. 
      • Cooldown raised by 19. 
    • Horo
      • Rare
      • Mini hollow damage scaling is raised by 30%.
    • Bari
      • Rare
      • The cage cooldown is set to 15 now. 
    • Cyborg
      • Rushdown
      • Cyborg flight stamina speed has increased by 30%.
      • Machine gun blow’s dmg is reduced by 50%.
      • Laser Pulsar cooldown is decreased to 15. 
    • Nitoryu
      • Shotokan
      • M1 scaling is raised.
      • Hyper armor is added. 
      •  The raging whirl duration is set to 2 now. 
      • Stun on Tower Draw is increased. 
    • Ittoryu
      • Bait and Punish
      • Raging serpent stun is raised. 
    • Hollow Fang
      • Light
      • Slight hitbox is increased. 
    • Crab Cutlass
      • Medium
    • Kiribachi
      • Heavy
      • Kiribachi Frenzy cooldown is increased to 20.
      • Kiribachi Smash stun time is creased by 0.4 seconds.
      • Points needed for kiribachi damage scaling are raised.
    • Kikoku
      • Medium
      • Amputate iframes are removed.
      • Amputate stun is increased. 
      • Stun on the sterben line is decreased. 
    • Iceborn rapier
      • Medium
      • Hyper armour is removed. 
    • Inferno Rocket Blade
      • Medium
      • Startup speed is improved. 
    • Rokushiki
      • Zoner
      • Rokuogan CD is set to 60. 
    • Black Leg
      • Shotokan
      • M1 dmg diable is increased. 
    • Elo Hammer
      • Heavy
      • M1 stun is increased.
      • Damage to the pounding festival has decreased by 40%. 
    • PCC
      • Medium
      • Endlag is raised. 
    • Flower Bouquet
      • Medium
      • Stamina gain is buffed.
    • Cupid’s battleaxe
      • Heavy
      • Weapons are changed.
    • Soul Cane
      • Medium
      • The CD is increased to 15.
      • Stamina cost is improved to 70. 
    • Gravity Blade
      • Medium
      • Gravity field block break last hit. 
    • Golden Staff
      • Medium
      • The stamina drain is reduced. 
    • Iceborn Rapier
      • Medium
      • Hyper Armor is removed. 
    • Kraken Greatsword
      • Heavy
      • Endlag is increased. 

That’s all. 

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