ULC Trello Board Link 2023!

Jumping from one website to another to find the ULC Trello board link? No need to do this anymore guys because this web page has it. 

ULC Trello

Just scroll a bit to get the link, and if you wanna know what this Trello board has, then read everything mentioned below. 

The game developers made the Trello board of ULC to let everyone know about the game, its in-game things, and future updates. 

Here’s what it has information about – 

  • About, game machines, sans team, upgraded characters, game pass characters, special characters, staff-only characters, skins, events, weapons, chara team, souls, locations, exclusive locations, badges, single player strategies, W.I.P content, character strategies, character counters, and future updates. 

However, detailed information is not available on the ulc Trello board. But if you want to get an idea of everything, you can visit this board. 

Here’s its link – 


Just touch the link once; the Trello board will open up, and then you can learn about whatever you want. Enjoy…! 

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