Anime Spirits Trello & Codes 2023!

Before starting playing anime Spirits, I used to wonder where I could learn the ins and outs of it. And after beginning, I always pondered how to get things for free so I could get on the top. After thorough research, firstly, I found the place where the game’s information is available – Anime Spirits Trello. Then, I learned about Anime Spirits codes – the source for free in-game stuff. 

Anime Spirits Trello

In this article, I’m gonna give you details about both. So, if you, too, are trying to find the Trello board or codes, read on. 

Anime Spirits Trello

The Trello board of this game is created by its developers, and it provides the following information – 

  • YouTube and Discord links, game passes, locations, quests, souls, weapons, fighting styles, specialisations, races, accessories, bosses, items, rage mode and Npc. 

The best part? Everything is divided into sections and subsections. 

So, if you want to learn anything about the game, just visit the board, go to the desired section and click on it.

Here’s the link –

 Anime Spirits Codes

Codes of anime spirits are the ultimate source to get free in-game things within no time. Yes..! It just takes some seconds to follow the redemption process. 

Here’s it – 

  • Hit the menu button and then the codes button. 
  • Pick up an active code from the table below and enter it there. 
  • Touch the redeem button. 

Active code list –  

RESETATSReset stats
TAKLAMAN5 perk spins
DOUBLEEXPX2 xp 15 min
RELEASE3 Race spins + 3 perk spins 

Remember – Codes become inactive after some time. So make sure you use them while they are active.  

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