Rider World Trello, Codes, Discord Link 2023

Are you a rider world player and jumping from website to website to get links about rider world Trello, wiki, and Discord? 

Or are you someone who is looking to get some free items in the game? 

Well, whoever you are, this article is the right place for you as it details everything you’re hunting. So read on –

Rider World Wiki Page

The Rider World wiki page is the place you can move to for learning anything about the game thoroughly. 

Just jump to it by clicking on – https://rider-worlds.fandom.com/wiki/Rider_Worlds_Wiki. Then, click on whatever you want to learn about, and it’s all done. 

Rider World Trello Board

The rider world Trello board is kinda a summary place. Here, you can briefly learn about the basic things available in the game. 

The link to it is –https://trello.com/b/A3US95wN/rider-world-eng-trello

Rider World Trello Codes

Codes of all Roblox games, including this one, are posted by the creators to give away free things. 

Here’s the list of working ones – 

freeDimension fragments
HuyotakuMirror card
eggSmart’s gearbox
KNTRMirror card
henshin300 Yen
releaseDimension fragments
odin300 yen
SheepTrainerMirror card
AlfaDimension fragments
MiraikuroiMirror card
600kDimension fragments
2klikesDimension fragments

The redemption process of these working codes is simple. 

  • Open it up and hit the profile button – it’s on the left side.
  • Touch the redeem option and then enter the code. 
  • Now, hit the redeem button again to get the reward. 

Rider World Discord Server

The Rider World discord server is a community where you can be in touch with other players as well as the developers. 

All the game updates are announced there, and if you have any doubts regarding the game, you can clear them up too. 

Here’s the link you can join it through – https://discord.com/invite/5mwjA2McaN

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