Peroxide Fullbringer Trello, Guide, Abilities, Update & Clans!

Today, I will discuss peroxide fullbringer Trello, clans, guide, abilities, update and the process of getting it in the game. So, if you’re looking to get insights on any of these things, keep reading – 

Peroxide Fullbringer Trello

Peroxide Trello board is the place created by the game’s creators to give you a brief of whatever is available in the game. 

Here’s the link –

How to get Fullbringer in peroxide? 

Many of you might wonder how to get fullbringer peroxide, but don’t worry that much; it’s easy if you put in consistent efforts. 

Here is what you need to do – 

  • First of all, make sure that you are a human. Once you die, you’ll lose the chance of becoming a fullbringer. 
  • Obtain 50 gold. The simplest thing you can do to obtain gold is to complete tasks that don’t involve fighting. 
  • Then, go to the gym and get their membership. 
  • Talk to the NPC who calls you “best friend” behind the gym. That’s all. 

You can navigate to its wiki page for more information about the peroxide fullbringer guide. Here’s the link –

Peroxide Fullbringer Abilities

Fullbringer in peroxide has many general and specific abilities. The list of all those are – 

# General Abilities 

  • Bringer Light
  • Twin Souls – After reaching the higher mastery level, fullbringers can unlock a secondary form. This form will enhance their abilities and alter their looks. 
  • Weapon Manifestation 
  • Hollow Integration – Fullbringers have hollow influence, giving them the power to regenerate and enhance strength. 

# Special Abilities

The special abilities of a fullbringer vary from individual to individual and its origin object. 

Now, let’s know some of these abilities – 

  • Bleach-based fullbring
  • Cigar lighter fullbring
  • Microphone fullbring

Peroxide Fullbringer Update

Here’s the rundown of all the major changes introduced in the current update. 

# Fullbringer 

  • It has a cool new HQ. 

# Trading Hub

  • Here, you can trade with fellow players easily. It’s near Bus Station 1. 
  • Go there, have a look at the right and move to the stairs. Talk to Fusionfriends and ask him the way to the trading hub. 
  • After reaching there, hit the offer button and choose a player. 
  • Trade them. 

# Storm Delving

  • Moving to the back of the heart cave, you can find a new NPC under the big tree. This NPC will let you storm delve, which means you can go and raid castles. 
  • You also get the chance to obtain accessory perks through this. 

# Other Changes 

  • The combat stats cap is increased to 570. 
  • 180 is the new limit to Reiatsu and the agility cap. 
  • S+ rank is added to the new stats cap increase. 
  • 16 is the new slot cap. 

Peroxide Fullbringer Clans

Peroxide clans act as a way to buff gamer’s stats. Here’s the Peroxide fullbringer clans tier list – 

Peroxide Fullbringer Clans Rarity List

CommonSatoru, Yuji, Burger, Freeman, Freecs, Zenin, Fushigara, and Suguru. 
RareChad, Latharix, Yasutora and Chad. 
LegendaryKugo and Michibane. 

Now, let’s know about the other clans’ rarity – 

Soul Reaper Clans Rarity

CommonKaneki, Lee, Kuroku, Saru, Shen, Ken, Akashi, Uzumaki, Kurosami, Rengoku, Mikszuki, Hayanami and Inoue. 
RareChad, Shihouin, Abarai and Kuchiki. 
LegendaryYamamoto, Zaraki, Aizen and Kurosaki. 

Hollow Clans Rarity

CommonPyximes, Weskullen, Tergeaux, Gillilga, Harrett, Roldullen, Liargaller, Grindelia, Terges, Vriess, Hollargo, and Reddark.
RareLlargo, Harribel, Arruruerie, Rureux and Gilga. 
LegendaryLouisenbairn, Starrk, Cifer and Jeagerjaquez. 

Quincy Clans Rarity

CommonHeidlach, Grubis, Daloir, Rowoux, Sternell, Plessnone, Erliss, Bernoth, Ehmerger, Weidment, Fahriel and Lloyd. 
RareBarro, Parnkgjas, Valkyrie.
LegendaryHaschwalth, Kurosaki, Ishida and Yhwach. 

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