Blue Locked League Trello, Codes, Controls & Wiki!

Blue Locked League Trello: Blue Locked League is a Roblox game that is highly inspired by the Blue Lock manga. In this, players play soccer with their characters and always try to give their best by leveling up with skills and other things. 

But this information isn’t enough to play the game properly. And that’s why I have come up with this article where I’ll write about blue locked league Trello board, controls, and codes. 

Blue Locked League Trello, Codes, Controls & Wiki

So if you want to get free in-game stuff, learn how to play, or gather all data about the game, you shouldn’t miss reading this article. 

Let’s start now – 

Blue Locked League Trello

Trello board is a fantastic tool many Roblox game developers use to provide players with information about the game. 

However, if you’re looking for the blue locked league Trello board, then let me inform you that the developers have yet to create one

I’ve searched for it extensively, but unfortunately, I have not been able to find it yet. So, it looks like you’ll have to be patient to visit the Trello board of this game. 

Blue Locked League Controls

Knowing the control for each action is important to play the game more efficiently. So, here is the control list – 

Default Controls

WASD + Right mouse buttonDash/Input dribble
WASD + QFlick the ball
E/RRoll Ball Right/Left
X/CRoll Ball front/backward
FStop or control the ball
ZShot fake
Left ctrlActivate mouse lock
Left/right shiftSprint
Left mouse button + defense modeTackle (standing and slide while sprinting)
~Activate defense mode
Left mouse buttonKick 

Shooting Modes

1Standard shot
2Straight shot
3Outside curve shot
4Inside curve shot

Ball Spin Modes


Advance Strikes

Airborne + shootHeader
Airborne + shoot + SBicycle/scissor kick
Airborne + shoot + WScorpion kick
Airborne + shoot + DRight tilting Volley
Airborne + shoot + ALeft tilting volley


5Talent 1
6Talent 2

Advance Dribbles

ZAdvanced dribble mode
RRight Air Elastico
ELeft Air Elastico

⏩ E, R, C, and X should only be used in advance dribble mode. 

Goalie Controls

If you play in defense, the goalie mode will be turned on. In this, the goalkeeper can use all their defensive powers. 

QDiving in the direction determined by the momentum of the player. 
It is for punching the ball in the direction the player’s character is facing. But, it is necessary that the player is on the ground to perform this action. 
Kicking and throwing M1 = to kick the ball. M2 = to throw the ball. 
⏩ Both kicking and throwing can only be done if you have the ball.  
FTo grab or release the ball. 

Blue Locked League Codes

They are a combination of numbers, letters, and sometimes even symbols that are put in the game to get free in-game stuff. These are given out by the blue-locked league developers at various events. 

And the best thing about these codes is that the redemption process is a breeze. Players don’t have to hassle to get the rewards added to their account. They just need to – 

  • Open the blue locked league game.
  • Then, press down the / key to open the chat section. Clicking on the chat icon can also take them to the chat section. 
  • There, just put in the code in the given space and then press enter. 

But aren’t you wondering which codes they are? If yes, then scroll through the below-given list of codes – 

/code SKILLISSUEthree flow spins
/code CHRISPRINCEOne archetype reset
/code JULIANLOKIThree talent spins
/code EGOISTThree talent spins 
/code LOCKOFFFive height spins
/code CHEMICSLREACTIONFive aura spins

⏩ Use these codes only once per account, as they are only redeemable once. And also, take care of the spelling because codes should be entered as they are provided (listed above). 

Final Words

So this is the information about blue locked league codes, controls, and Trello. 

Yet, all the information about the game isn’t available. Although in the future, it will be available for sure. But till then, you have to wait.

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