Demonfall Trello, Codes, Wiki & Script 2023!

Demonfall Trello: Demonfall is a game inspired by a famous anime and is developed by Fireheart studio. At the start, the player returns to their home and sees that the Demon has killed their whole family.

And they have two options – kill the demon or get killed by him. This gameplay attracts many players, and that’s when they wish to know more about it. Not only new players but existing players also look for the game’s information to learn more about it. 

Which one are you? A new player or an existing one? No matter who you are, if you wish to get some important information about the game, like demonfall wiki, codes, Trello, maps, trainers, etc., you should read this article. I’ll pen down the same below – 

Demonfall Trello
Demonfall Trello

Demonfall Trello

Trello is a project management software used by many businesses. And Roblox games are no exception. Developers of these games too use this software to let people know about their games. 

Here’s the link to the demonfall Trello board –

You can find data about gameplay, races, skill trees, breathing styles, trainers, locations, NPCs, and more on this. So if you are looking for any of this information, you should visit the Trello board. 

Demonfall Codes

The developers release codes to help players perform better by offering free items via them. Demonfall isn’t any exception; the developers of this game, too, have released some codes. But unfortunately, none of those codes are working. 

Although, you can wait for the developers to release new codes. 

Demonfall Wiki

Wiki is one of the platforms that Roblox game developers use to give information about the game. But yet, not all Roblox games have a wiki page. Although as a demonfall player, don’t worry because the developers of this game have created one. 

Here’s the link to it –

It literally has a lot of worth it information in detail. So if you want to know anything about the game, don’t forget to look for that on the wiki page. 

Demonfall Script

Scripts help a player in performing better by injecting some commands into the game. But if they are detected in the player’s account, he can even get banned. So think properly before injecting any script into your game. 

Here’s the list of some scripts that you can use – 



loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()


These are some of the scripts that you can inject into your game. But before that, ensure you have any Roblox script executor on your device. 

Demonfall Map 

The game has a vast world consisting of different locations. Each location offers different things, so knowing about the locations can help you play the game easily. 

So now, let’s know about the map properly. 

Key Locations

There are eight main key locations in the game. Those are – 

Slayer CorpsIt’s a demon base situated at the north section of the map.
Demon HideoutsDemons must not enter this area until and unless they wish to die quickly. 
Frosty ForestIt’s a huge area where players can finish different quests. 
HayaKawa VillageIt’s one of the villages that players enter at the beginning of the game. 
It has some helpful merchants, such as soup stores, etc. 
Okuyia villageLargest village. 
Glattony Tavern It’s a shop where players can purchase supplies and information. 
It’s located in okuyia village
Sakura PassageVarious wisteria trees are grown in this passage, and that’s why it’s not suited for demon walks. 
Okuyia CavernIt’s situated where a lot of demon NPCs are present. 

Trainer Locations in Demonfall Map 

TrainerWhat the trainer teachesLocation 
KokushiboMoon breathingOn a mountain in the north of frosty forest.
She is marked in purple. 
ShinobuInsect breathingOn the tavern roof in Slayer corps 
Marked violet on the map. 
RengokuFlame breathingTop of white peak. 
Marked orange on the map. 
InosukeBeast breathingOn the southwest of Slayer Corps. 
He is marked arctic. 
GyomeiStone breathingOn the top of a waterfall (at the northwest of the coast forest) 
He is distincted with a red square. 
GrimmWind breathingIn okuyia village 
He is pointed with a lime color. 
UrokodakiWater BreathingIn the north Coast Forest.
He is pointed with blue color. 
Tengen UzuiSound breathingIn the slayer corps area. 
Marked with amber orange. 
KujimaThunder breathingNear coast forest. 
He is pointed with the yellow color on the map. 
TanjiroSun breathingNear Coast forest. 
Marked with reddish-maroon color.
Mitsuri KanrojiLove breathingOn White Peak. 
IguroSerpent breathingNear the ledge from the Mitsuri Location. 
MuichiroMist breathing 

Demonfall Family Buffs 

Family BuffsAbout (family type) 
Agatsuma At a low state, enter a second berserk state with 20% health Sleepy family
HaganezukaCan hammer out items at any cost.5x sell value on oreFarming yen is easy with this. 
HashibiraHealth regeneration + 10%
-10% stomach drain is granted by the board head. 
HimejimaHealth +30 after trained body buffWise
IguroBegins with dash mastery
+2 is the walkspeed over buffs
Silent + deadly
KamadoBegins with the fire god dance
These family members can learn sun breathing easily. 
Gain immunity to the sun because they are demons. 
Experience +20% 
KanamoriNo buffs are granted to this family. No description is available. 
Kanroji+20% damage is applied to everythingNatural strength
KanzakiNo buffs are granted to this family. No description is available.
KochoCan poison anyone that attacks them from a close rangePharmaceutical
KuwajimaNo buffs.No description is available.
NakaharaNo buffs.No description is available.
TomiokaBegins with shoulder and lung bash
Have the ability to learn the 11th form of water.
Cold and alone
Rengoku+20% is its flame damageHave a high justice sense
Shinazugawa+25% faster stomach drain and fast health generation. 
Can utilize their scent power to attract demons.
TakadaNo buffsNo description is available.
TerauchiNo buffsNo description is available.
Tokito+10% experience
7th form of mist
Can learn moon breathing easily
TsuyuriNo buffsNo description is available.

Apart from these, three more families are available – 

Ubuyashiki (a highly respected family)

Buffs – experience 10%, SL on begin +2, and permanent burn injury. 

Urokodaki and Uzui = no buffs 

Revengers 2 Trello & Codes 2023

How to get level up fast in Demonfall?

 We often want to clear every level as quickly as we can. In the demonfall game, the higher the player goes, the more rewards and badges he gets. So it’s natural that players want to speed up the leveling-up process. If you also want to do so, here’s what you can do – 

  1. Kill Rui

Killing Rui is also helpful in leveling up. 

  1. Kill Zenitsu

He is a demon who lives northeast of Okuiya village. Access and kill him because he gives 300 XP to players who defeat him. 

  1. Demon Farming

Killing demons is one of the quickest ways to level up in the game faster. 

How to get fire breathing in demon fall? 

Getting fire-breathing style isn’t easy; you have to give one demon collar and 20 demon horns to Rengoku to get this. 

Demon Horns can be acquired by killing demons in the game. And the dollar collar should be picked from Axe Demon. 

⏩ You can find Rengoku on the top of White Peak Mountain. And Axe Demon can be found in the White Underground Cave near White Peak Mountain. 

How to get sun breathing in Demon fall?

There is nothing considered better than Sun breathing in this game. Here’s how you can get it – 

  • After reaching Prestige Level 1, talk to Tanjiro – the trainer of sun breathing. 

And that’s all. 

⏩ tanjiro is located in the coast forest. 

How to get love breathing in demonfall? 

To get the love breathing style, the players have to complete two tasks – 

  • Paying Mitsuri 20k Yen.
  • Obtaining the axe demon’s collar. 

So get these things and then go to Mitsuri, who lives near Mount Peak. After finding him, talk to him, give him what he wants, and get the love breathing. 

End Note 

So this is all about demonfall codes, Trello, wiki, maps, trainers, family buffs, script, and the process of getting sun, love, and fire breathing. I hope you’ve found the content useful and everything is clear to you now. 

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