Doors Super Hard Mode, Wiki, April Fools & Script 2023!

Have you visited this article to gather information about the newly released mode in the doors game – super hard mode? If so, then you should read further as here, we’ll discuss about its wiki, scripts, and more details. 

Doors Super Hard Mode
Doors Super Hard Mode

Doors Super Hard Mode Wiki

Wiki is the platform where you can get almost all the information about the super hard mode. This is the new game mode added by the developers on the 1st of April. 

So, to let players know about how it works and how it is different from other modes, developers have penned down the following data about it on the wiki page – 

  • Overview
  • Items
  • Entities
  • Trivia
  • Related Achievements
  • Gallery
  • Rush Reskins

And the best thing is that all this data is mentioned section-wise along with the content list. So, if you want to know anything among these things, you must not miss visiting the wiki page. Here’s the link to it –

Doors Super Hard Mode April Fools

It is a newly introduced mode in the game that is more terrifying than others. It has increased the difficulty of the game. 

New Items

The new items introduced through this mode include –

  • Holy hand grenade
    •  It works more like a crucifix but is exclusive to this new mode.  
    • It deals with substantial damage. 
    • You can get these grenades at many places in the game, like drawers. 
  • Shield potions
    • There are two of these potions – mini and regular shield potions. 
    • They give the player extra HP and also increase speed. 
    • Mini Shield Potion – <50 HP + 0.5x speed.
    • Regular Shield Ption – < 100 HP + 0.5x speed.
  • NVCS-3K X-Ray
    • It has the ability to reveal hidden things and give night vision to the player. But, as it was introduced on April Fool’s Day, it doesn’t work. 

New Entities

Following is the list of new entities added to the game on the 1st of April – 

  • Room 0002 Key
    • You can find the evil key in room 002 on the shelf at the reception desk. But, it is suggested not to touch it; otherwise, you’ll die. 
  • Banana Peels
    • This doesn’t chase the player down. 
    • Slipping on these entities heals the 10 damage. 
    • Although, they are not good in the dark. 
  • Jeff The Killer
    • It chases the player and tries to stab them. 
    • It can be killed by using holy hand grenades. 
  • Subspace Tripmine
    • It insta-kills everyone in its radius. 
    • It emits pink stars from the door it is present in. 
    • It spawns after room 8. 
  • Greed
    • It’s very dangerous because it deals 190 damage. 
    • It appears similar to a gnarly set of gnashing teeth. 
  • Seek Cut-Scene
    • It has one large eye and is fully dressed in black. 
    • This entity spawns a vehicle and drives that towards the player to kill them. 

Doors Super Hard Mode Script 

You’re lucky because the doors super hard mode script is currently available, which will help you in many areas of the game, like increasing speed, removing doors, etc. 

Here’s the list of those active scripts – 



load (set: HttpGet(““))()


How to beat doors super hard mode? 

Many people wonder about the same things – how to beat doors super hard mode because it is perilous, and many entities try to kill players. But, if players beat them, they can protect themselves. So here’s how they can be defeated – 

To kill Jeff the killer, you can use the holy hand grenade item. 

⏩ Currently, there is no information available on how players can beat other entities. Once I get that, I’ll pen it down here. 

Final Thoughts

So this is all about Doors Super Hard Mode April Fools, its script, wiki and the process of beating the entities. I hope this information will help you in performing better in the game. 

And if you think I’ve missed any point or want to ask anything else regarding these topics, please do let me know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has developed Roblox Doors? 

LSPLASH has developed this escape room game.

How many floors do doors have? 

There are three confirmed floors that players can choose to play on. 

Who is halt in Roblox doors? 

It’s an entity that lives in a hotel which teleports gamers into the hallway and then tries to murder them.  

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