Gold Lock Online Trello, Codes, Talents, Wiki & Discord Link 2023!

If you have visited this page, you may be looking for gold lock online Trello, wiki, talents, discord or codes. Right? You visited the exact article as on this; I’m gonna mention about all these topics in detail. So stay tuned till the end –

Gold Lock Online Trello
Gold Lock Online Trello

Gold Lock Online Trello

Trello is a project management tool often used by companies to manage their projects efficiently. But developers of Roblox games are using it differently. They are using it to provide the players with all sorts of information about the game. 

Developers of Gold Lock Online are doing the same. They, too, have created a Trello board for their game. Here’s its link –

The Trello board doesn’t contain all the data yet. But in future, the developers may add the remaining information too. Currently, it only has the following sections – 

  • Information, updates, basics, stats, archetypes, talents, and credits. 

If you want to know about any of these topics, click on the link above to go to the board. 

Gold Lock Online Codes

Codes of gold lock online games are released by Orchestra to offer free stuff in the game. 

Here’s the list of active codes in the game – 

CodeReward that it offers
400KVISITS10 spins
200KVISITS10 spins
ACH-IS-TOP510 spins

Besides, you can also redeem the following codes – 

  • SAE 
  • NAGI
  • SEASON2 
  • AutoGK

⏩ Rewards that these codes provides are not known yet. But certainly, you’ll get something if you redeem them, so you can try redeeming them. 

Gold Lock Online Talents

Here’s the list of gold lock online talents in gold lock online game – 

TalentHow it helps you
ProdigyGet more EXP, usually.
RecuperativeProvides faster stamina regeneration
AthleticBoosts the player’s stamina
EgotisticalWith this talent, the player’s shooting power is increased.
Key PasserImproves the team’s hitbox for passes
Fast BreakProvides higher speed while having the ball. 
PreciseShots are more accurate
Gio wiseLower dribble cooldown
LokiHigh speed while G dashing
IsagiBigger air volley hitbox
InterceptorProvides a bigger receiving hitbox
Atomic footGives more power when punting
TrapperA better version of intercepter
Basketball playerPlayers become tall with this talent
AggressiveProvides auto pushing
Ankle breakerHigh ankle probability on every dribble move
ChigiriIt’s a wind-up power that improves speed for a short duration. 
FloaterMore hang time

Gold Lock Online Wiki

Wiki is a platform that many developers use to present the game’s data in articles. It is usually created with the aim of providing basic information about the game to players. But currently, gold lock online doesn’t have a wiki

Although, there is a small probability that it will be created in the coming time. 

Gold Lock Online Discord

Discord is a platform where players and developers of gold lock online are connected. There, you can interact with fellow players as well as stay updated with the game’s news. 

Here’s the gold lock online game’s discord server link –

Final Words

So this is all about gold lock online wiki, discord, talents, codes and Trello board. To visit the discord and Trello platform of the game, just tap on the given links. 

The codes and wiki page aren’t available yet. Although, there are chances that the developers will make them available soon. But you have to wait till then. 

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