My Restaurant Roblox 2023: Get All The Active New Codes!

People looking for games that are mainly for entertainment and do not need any skill or strategy must try out “My Restaurant Roblox.” The name itself specifies what the game is all about and is one of the popular Roblox games.

The game was released in 2020, and now, more than 500 million visits, and still, people love to play the game. In all my restaurants, Roblox is all about managing your restaurant, making it attractive m, using upgraded appliances, and much more.

My Restaurant Roblox
My Restaurant Roblox

What is my restaurant best layout?

The restaurant is known for its food and look; the same is with the game. Yes, there are many layouts even in this Roblox game that can attract more customers and help to increase the business. The layouts also decide what furniture, appliances, and your restaurant requires. Certain criteria must be filled in to select any preferred layouts. Some of the restaurant groups and layouts are as follows:

  • Glitchless: It has the least risk of getting patched and does not have more requirements. There are various layouts under it, like Kodeti, JacksonGames462, and many more.
  • Glitched: It uses glitches and has a high chance of getting patched. It is advisable to use at your own risk and is highly required. Some of the layouts that have glitches are Velcarni’s, Beardfaces’s, etc.
  • Floors 2-10 layouts: The name says this group of layouts is only for floors 2-10. It means you cannot use this layout for floor 1, and it has to be any of the Glitched and Glitchless based on your availability and requirement. Options with this plan are 300ink’s 2-10 Layout, Yeetbowah’s 2-10 Layout, and many more on the list.

So, it’s up to you how you want the restaurant to look; even players can customize their layout.

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How to get my restaurant Roblox codes?

Most Roblox games are engaging and make players look out for more. So, some Roblox codes bring free stuff to the game and make it more interesting to play. There are different sites where you can get these types of my restaurant Roblox codes, and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Dino: It gives free 20 diamonds, which will prove helpful in clearing all difficulty levels in the game.
  • Ocean: It gives free items like dolphins.
  • Newmap2020: this code gives out 15 diamonds to the player in the game.
  • Razorfishgaming: Players get 250 cash which will help to buy some items. It is helpful when some players are looking for cash to level up.

These codes come with an expiry, so activate them in the game before it expires. The codes get updated monthly, so you must check out sites for free cash or some stuff from your restaurant. It is completely safe to use these codes in the game.

How to get more customers in my restaurant Roblox?

The game is about building a restaurant, but it is not easy as there is high competition. Yes, to make yourself profitable and lead the scoreboard, you need to get more customers in your restaurant. The only way to increase the profit in the game is by getting more customers and giving good service. So, below are some of the ways to get a good number of customers:

  • Create an attractive restaurant so that customers visit the place. Use a royal table, furniture, jewelry cases, and decoration items to give an attractive look to the restaurant.
  • There are different layouts, so use them efficiently to give it an impressive look. There should be staff to give good service to the customers.
  • The menus should have variations so that customers have a good option and get everything in one place.
  • The restaurant must have plenty number of chairs and tables to avoid traffic and make it look spacious.
  • Players must optimize their service and include VIP passes for special customers. Innovation and creativity make it easy to get more customers.

How to move furniture in my restaurant Roblox?

If you are the owner of a restaurant and willing to get it a new look, then you must move the furniture, appliances, decoration items, etc. So, if you move the furniture, follow below given steps:

  • Launch the game and check out the icons at the bottom of the screen.
  • There are various options, one of which is “Rearrange,” so to move the furniture, tap on the icon.
  • It takes the game in the rearrange mode, allowing the option to move the furniture freely and give a new look to the restaurant.
  • You need to select the item and move it to the required place.
  • Where you move, the item should have green surrounds, which assures the item is moved correctly. But if the background becomes red, the location is inappropriate.
  • Lastly, select the green tick button to confirm the rearrangement. 


Is the arcade machine worth it in my restaurant Roblox? 

Arcade machines can help players to earn extra cash if customers plan to play games after dining. The machine gives out cash every 2-7 seconds while playing the game. If there are YouTuber players at the restaurant, they give out 10 times the original. So, the arcade machine works as a cash earner.

What does the shrine do in my restaurant Roblox?

Shrine brings the mystery customer to the restraint, which benefits the player. It is activated after every 14 hours, but players need to pay 10,000,000 cash to purchase it.

How to rotate furniture in my restaurant Roblox?

Players who want to try something new in the restaurant or set up the new one are often confused when it is about rotating. So, press the “R” button to rotate the furniture and get the table as customers require.


The game My Restaurant is a complete time pass game that allows players to be the restaurant owner. It is very similar to real restaurants, where you need to hire staff, buy furniture, create menus, and try to make customers happy with service. So, if you are trying to have some leisure time for stress relieving, go to my restaurant.

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