Neon Knights Trello, Codes & Wiki 2023!

Neon Knights Trello: Neon Knights is a Roblox game where players choose their character and enter Diamond City. There, they start fighting with robots and bosses. The ultimate aim of neon knights players is to become stronger, which is undoubtedly not easy. And to help players level up and become the best, the game’s developers release codes. 

These neon knights codes provide players with in-game things like flux, sword, carbon, and more within seconds. 

Wondering which codes are those? Contemplating the process of using them? If yes, just dive into this article to get the answers – 

Neon Knights Trello, Codes & Wiki
Neon Knights Trello, Codes & Wiki

Active Neon Knights Codes

Currently, there are five active codes; the list of those are – 

SPICY1k Flux
2629Mysterious; you’ll know once you redeem. 
VERYCOOLMysterious; you’ll know once you redeem. 

How to redeem neon knights codes? 

The process is straightforward – 

  • Open the neon knights game. 
  • Touch the shop button. 
  • Tap on Mo-Co to move to the Mo-Co depo hub. 
  • Press down E to open the Mo-Co menu. 
  • Fill in the code. 
  • Press enter to get the reward. 

⏩ To get the latest codes from time to time, you can follow the developers on their Twitter page or Discord server. They always mention the new codes there whenever they release any. 

Why aren’t the codes working? 

There are many reasons why the codes don’t work; the main of those are – 

  • The codes are either expired or previously used.
    • Only active codes provide rewards, so don’t expect any rewards from the expired codes. 
    • One code can only be redeemed once. So whenever any player tries to get rewards from the same code again, it doesn’t give them anything. 
  • Technical glitches. 
  • The code was recently released.
    • Sometimes, the newly given out codes don’t work. So don’t stress yourself. Just re-open the game and try to redeem it again after some time. 
  • Wrong spelling
    • Roblox game’s codes are case-sensitive, so they must be entered as given – exact letters, numbers, and symbols. 
  • You’ve copy pasted the code.
    • Every so often, the copy-paste thing doesn’t work. So if you’ve also copy pasted the code, try to redeem it by manually entering it. 

These are potential reasons why a code doesn’t give rewards. 

Neon Knights Trello

A Trello board is where most developers write down all the information about their game. Almost all Roblox games have a Trello board which works as a treasure trove of information. 

But as of now, neon knights don’t have a Trello board

But don’t let this make you feel bad because you can visit the game’s wiki page to collect the information. Neon Knights wiki page has some of the following details about the game – 

  • Weapons, quirks, relationships, chests, clothing, skills, items, etc. 

Here’s the link to it –

Just click this link to visit the neon knights wiki page and get the information you want. 

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