Path To Immortality Trello & Codes 2023!

Path To Immortality Trello & Codes: Path to Immortality is a game where the ultimate motto of the player is to reach immortality. But attaining is no easy thing. It requires hard work as well as smart work. Wondering what I mean by smart work? Continue reading and you’ll know. 

Imagine something that can give you free in-game stuff within seconds and with negligible efforts. Won’t it help you in achieving immortality easily? It certainly will. But what’s that? That is the Path to immortality codes. 

Path To Immortality Trello & Codes

Yes! You read it right. Curious to get the codes? In this article, we are gonna discuss them along with the game’s trello board. So read further – 

Path to Immortality codes 

Path to immortality codes are the codes released by the – Gamentix, the developers of the game. They are given out to help players in achieving their goal. 

Well, there is bad news for you – no codes are available currently. 

I’ll update you when the codes are released. Or you can also follow gamentix on different social media platforms, especially their discord server because they mention the codes there whenever they release any. 

Path to immortality Trello

The game developers – Gamentix have created a Trello board specifically for this game. It is designed to provide players with a wealth of information about the game. 

On this trello board, you can find information about the following subjects of the game – 

  • Links to the game and its discord server in the links section. 
  • Credits
  • Description about the game that explains what the game is about.
  • Basic game information that includes –
    • Cultivation realms, realm reinforcement, talent, ranks, pills, secret attributes, and reincarnation. 
  • Enemies. The enemy section contains details about storyline enemies and sect task enemies. 
  • Sects. Sect section is explained by dividing it into rank 1 sects, rank 2 sects and rank 3 sects.
    • Rank 1 Sects have details about noble breeze, mighty daylight, unrepentant marble, silent gale. 
    • Rank 2 Sects – radiant oak, striking thunder, endless gates, basilisk fang, holy covenant, solaris mountain, lunar cave, wind’s guardians, rockfree mountain and distant stars. 
    • Rank 3 Sects – Heavenly Rooster, Sundered heartbeat, last presence, wrathful glyph, deadly sins, souls of war, elemental disarray and time enforcers. 
  • Physiques – details of all types of physiques in the game are given under this section. These physiques involve ordinary, high vitality, affinity alignment, pure body, destined, legendary bloodline, mythical beast bloodline, heaven’s child and devourer.
  • Affinities – common and uncommon.
    • Under common affinities, water, fire, earth and air are given. 
    • Magma is mentioned under uncommon affinities. 

You just need to click on the tab you want to know about. After that, wait for a bit and the information mentioned under that tab will open. 

If you’re interested in exploring this treasure trove of information, you can access the board by clicking on this link:

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