Stand Upright: Rebooted Trello

Stand Upright: Rebooted Trello: Stand Upright Rebooted is a Roblox game inspired by the famous anime – Jojo Bizarre Adventure. Many gamers are attracted to it but playing a game without knowing it isn’t easy.

That’s why the developers have developed Stand Upright: rebooted Trello page. Are you here to get information about the same? Yes? This article is for you as I’ll include the link to the Trello page and some other information that will tell you a lot about the game. So let’s start –

Stand Upright: Rebooted Trello

Stand Upright: Rebooted Trello

Trello is a board that almost all roblox game developers create. They use it to inform their audience about the specific game, and Stand Upright: Rebooted is no exception. 

It also has a Trello board that contains information about trading lists, item spawn times, basic controls, in-fame commands, and so on. 

You can consider it the best platform to learn about the game. Want to visit it? Here’s the link to it –

Stand Upright: Rebooted trading list

It is extremely helpful in finding the best in-game item. 

Tier Items under the particular trading tier
SS Jatorad Star Platinum Over HeavenDios The World Over HeavenStar Platinum Over Heaven OVA 
SShadow the worldMade in heavenJotaros Star Platinum Dios the World
ASilver Chariot requiem King Crimson Requiem C-MoonThe World Over Heaven OVA The WorldThe World OVAStar Platinum OVAKILLER Queen Bites the dustThe Hand Requiem 
BHierophant Green RequiemStone FreePutrid WhineDirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapWhitesnakeSilver Chariot OVASilver ChariotThe HandKiller QueenStar Platinum Over HeavenThe World Over HeavenPremier Macho 
CStar Platinum Stone OceanGold Experience RequiemThe World Alternate Universe
DMagicians RedCrazy Diamond
ECream EchoesGold experience with no brimAerosmith


Controls are basically the keys that help gamers in performing specific actions. Here’s the list of these controls – 

QTo summon a stand, although it only works when the gamer already has a stand. If he doesn’t have one, pressing this key won’t help them in summoning. 
MStand Stats Menu
RMB (multiple times) Power Punch 
Alt/4Leap or Dash (this, too, only works when the player already has a stand. 

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Stand Guide

Arrow spawns on the map are really helpful in obtaining a stand. There are two types of arrows – stand and charged arrows. 

Charged arrows increase the probability of rare stands and Dio’s TW. 

Stand Arrows – they spawn every minute on the map, and you can also get them from William and willy. 

Following is the list of stand arrow chances – 

10% probability – silver chariot, cream, Aerosmith, and sticky chariot. 

7.5% probability – star platinum, hierophant green, and killer queen. 

6% – star platinum: the stone ocean. 

5% – crazy diamond, the hand, stone free, and purple haze. 

2.5% – the world alternate universe and Whitesnake. 

2% – the world. 

1% – gold experience, king crimson, and dirty deeds done dirt cheap. 

Less than 1% – premier macho, silver chariot OVA, the world OVA, jotaro’s star platinum, and star platinum Ova. 

End Note 

So this is about the stand upright’s Trello board and some other information regarding the game. If you wish to know anything else, you should consider visiting trello. I have also mentioned the link to it, so just click on that, and it will direct you there. 

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