Undisputed Boxers Trello Link & Codes 2023!

Undisputed Boxers Trello: Are you eager to discover all the latest information about the undisputed boxers game? Or have you visited this article to grab hold of some fantastic free rewards through active codes? Well, if you are looking for any if these two, Look no further, as this article has got you covered on both fronts.

Here, you will find everything you need to know about the undisputed boxers Trello board as well as the latest active codes list in this article. So don’t miss out and make sure to read on until the end – 

Undisputed Boxers Trello
Undisputed Boxers Trello

Undisputed boxers Trello

The ultimate guide to the game – the undisputed trello board was developed by 3rd Planet Productions. 

You’ll find everything you need to know here, including game controls, stats, styles, M2 types, clans and their rarity, skills, locations, body types, personalities, cosmetics, gang-based information, tournaments, boxing gear, and so much more!

Here’s the link – 


Now, let’s have a look at how detailed the information is on the trello board –


The game offers various styles and each has different characteristics. Here’s the table containing all – 

StyleSpeedDefenseRangeDamage BuffRequirement
Hitman8%100%8Not known$5k
SouthpawNow known Not knownNot knownNot known$2k
Peekaboo1%300%Not known8%$5k
Detroit1.1%400%7.5Not known$5k
Bullet1.3%400%7.5Not known$5k
Relentless1.9%Not known9%Not known$8k
BrawlerNot known Not knownNot knownNot known$6k
OrthodoxNot knownNot knownNot knownNot known$2k
No Guard1%150%Not knownNot known$5k
Hitman (gaolang)Not knownNot knownNot knownNot known$8k
Advanced southpawNot knownNot knownNot knownNot known$8k


The skill list is – 

Liver Blow$1k15
Strong Straight$5k8
White fang$5k15
Flicker Jabs$8k5
Demon BrainNot knownNot know

General controls 

Controls play an important part in every game as they help in performing actions. Here’s the list of general controls that you can use in this game – 

Shift + W/S/A/DSprint
Q + W/A/S/DDash
CTRLShift Lock
Hold BFat/bone fatigue
M1Light hit with the help of any combat tool
M2Heavy hit
Block + M2Parry
Hold RRhythm


In the below mentioned table, all clans in the fame are categorised as per their chances of obtaining. 

Common (84% probability of getting it) TakayuliShouKenKirinoHongouHizakiKaolanHimuroAsahaiSatiWatanabeOhkuboYaamamotoIguroYamamotoIguroSekibiyashiHiratoRyoAdamKiSaitoSukeneKoujiOrochiSuzuki
Rare (14%) WongsawatAlaiVolg ZangiefSendo
LegendaryKure hanmahawktakamuramakunoichi

Undisputed Boxers Codes

These codes too are released by 3rd Planet productions to provide free in-game stuff to users. 

Here’s the list of those amazing and helpful codes – 

CodeReward that you:ll receive
400LikesClan roll
ThankyouPersonality roll
SorryAppearance roll

How to redeem the undisputed boxers code? 

The process is simple – 

  • Open the game.
  • Click on the twitter icon. 
  • Enter the code and then touch the redeem button. 

That’s all. 

Final Words

Fortunately, the game you are interested in has both – the trello board and its codes. I have also mentioned the link to the board in the above-mentioned article. So if you want to visit it, you can help from here. 

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