Anime Tales Trello, Release Codes, Tier List, Script & Wiki 2023!

Anime tales is a roblox game where players embark on the journey of adventures by engaging in fights, collecting different characters and doing many other things. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds to be. And that’s why the developers of the game try to help players by providing information about the game and release codes. 

If you’re here, you may also be after the anime tales trello board or wiki page or its codes. Right? Don’t worry, this article has all the details about these subjects along with the power tier list and script of the game. So continue reading – 

Anime Tales Trello, Release Codes, Tier List, Script & Wiki

Anime Tales Trello

The trello board is created by the developers of anime tale as a one stop destination for all the information of the game. 

It contains information about – 

  • What the game is about
  • Training sats and its currency. 
  • Forms of Combat.
  • Transformation.
  • NPCS. Under this section, general quest, ogre commander, the fisherman, straw hat boy, weapon goddess, lost swordsman, jail warden, cat burglar, title master, the red hunter and copy sensei are mentioned.
  • UI. This section has tabs on menu, news, character, inventory, abilities, quests, summon, bosses, arena, guild, party, battle pass, map, shop, leader boards, tutorial, codes and settings. 
  • Character skins. This section has the following tabs –
    • Straw hat
    • Original hero
    • Fox demon
    • Edgey Rival
    • Cat commander
    • Dragon Slayer
    • Alien Prince
    • Slime Lord
    • Copy Sensei
    • Godspeed Assassin
    • Michael
    • White eyed genius
    • Psycho girl
    • Devil smile
    • Lost swordsman
    • Additional skills that are not revealed.
  • Powers. Powers section has the following tabs –
    • Rapid Barrage, destructive wave, spirit bomb, spiraling sphere, wind spiraling sphere, thousand birds, flash step barrage, dragon claw, galactic wave, god’s wrath, substitution, god dash, fighting technique, air palm, heaven spin, explosion, spirit boost, ultimate cutter and fiery kick. 
  • Inventory. Following tabs are mentioned under it –
    • Weapons, accessories, artifacts and mount. 
  • Accessories
  • Weapons. Main weapons whose information is available are –
    • Bamboo stick, shinai, titan cutter, ninja blade, grass katana, brave sword, samurai blade and golden treasure. 
  • Map. 
  • Marine ford training areas. This has tabs regarding the main platform, idiot garden, cow bell, track field, magma pool, damaged cannon, marine lookout, whiteboard’s ship, basement prison and cat burglar’s bar. 
  • Cake island training areas.
    • Sweet factory, grand mirror, legendary tombstone, mama’s book, tea party garden, princess suite, emperor throne, angry tree and witch’s cottage.
  • Wano island training areas. 
    • Bathhouse, shogun’s grave, abandoned pirate ship, wasteland, abandoned shrine, sacred tree, shogun castle, mountain temple, skull dome and mountain peak. 
  • Bosses

You can access this trove of information by clicking on the following link –

Anime Tales Codes

As a player of the game, you may also feel that achieving your goals without the required in-game things is not so easy. And you can’t even buy these things without spending some money. 

But don’t worry now because developers of the game have released the codes for the game. These codes are really helpful in making the progress faster as they provide gems, coins, stones, etc. free of cost within seconds. 

Here’s the list of codes developed by anime tale developers – 

daily4bxpNot known
REROLL50 Gems & 2x Transmute Stones
TY1M250 coins, 250 gems, 1x 15 minute training boost
SUBTOKELVINGTSgems, coins, and a boost
Dyschegems, coins, and a boost
ANIMETALESgems, coins, and a boost
RELEASENot known 

How to redeem these anime tales release codes? 

The process is simple – 

  • Open the game > tap on the menu button > select codes button.
  • Enter the code you want to get rewards from and then touch the redeem option.

Anime Tales Wiki

Wiki is a platform where developers write down essential information about the game. Just like trello, it, too, has the necessary information. 

But unfortunately, the wiki of this game is not available yet. I have extensively searched for it but didn’t find it. So as of now, you can consider that it doesn’t exist. 

Although, in future it might be created by the developers. 

Anime Tales Tier List 

Following is the anime tales power tier list -:

Ranking Powers
SUltimate CutterFiery Kick
AHeaven SpinSpirit BoostExplosion
BSubstitutionAir palmFighting techniqueGod Dash
CSpiraling Sphere Wind Spiraling SphereThousand BirdsFlashstep BarrageDragon ClawGalactic WaveGod’s Wrath
DRapid BarrageDestruction WaveSpirit Bomb

Anime Tales Script

Scripts contain instructions for the game that helps the players in making progress by injecting specific orders. Currently, the following two scripts of anime tales are working – 



⏩ It is must to have a roblox script executor to inject these scripts in the game. So if you don’t have one, download that first and then process further with the script injection. 

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