Deepwoken Trello, Races, Magic & Wiki 2023!

Deepwoken Trello: Deepwoken is a roblox game that has attracted a lot of players. More and more users are searching for its trello and wiki page. And if you are here, you may be hunting for the same. Right? 

Well, you took the right decision by stopping at this article. Here, I’ll mention the links to deepwoken trello and wiki. Besides, I’ll also pen down some of the information mentioned there. So read further – 

Deepwoken Trello
Deepwoken Trello

Deepwoken Trello

Deepwoken trello board is the platform where developers have mentioned a lot of information about the game. Whether it’s races or magic, everything is mentioned there. You just need to go there to access that information. Here’s the link to it –

⏩ You don’t even need to register on trello for accessing it. 

Some of the information mentioned there is – 

Deepwoken Races 

Here’s the list of races – 

RaceRacial abilityRacial stats
(It offers mysterious and unknown skills) 
Maudet Improved EXP gainBetter power to speak to NPCx. +2 Charisma and Willpower
Loyalty Helps friends to take less damage from attacks. +2 Charisma and strength. 
SeaborneHave the power to get ships at a discount of 20%Increases the ship HP by 10%+2 intelligence and charisma
EtreanMolt Have the ability to shed ailments and blessings at a faster rate. Reduces the damage caused by acid rain. +2 agility, +1 health and intelligence 
LightbornRacial ability of this race is still not known. Although, some characteristics of thus race are – Look human-likeGlowing halo can manifest on their head, neck or hands. Not known 
(Known for wearing a sinister mask. 
Chitin Built-in armor for reducing damage+2 health, strength and willpower. 
Navae’s Guidance It decreases hunger constipationDisplays a north-pointing compass. +2 strength and fortitude
Khan Versatile Decreases tool requirements by 3evels.+2 strength and agility
GanymedeResist insanity+2 intelligence and willpower. 
FelinorNightchild – make the stealth movements better. +2 agility and charisma


Players get the chance to learn more than one mantra on one character. Here’s the list of magic – 

FlamecharmIt has the power to conjure heat for both utility and combat. 
ThundercallIt has the ability to overwhelm your foes with high speed. 
Galebreathe Now known
FrostdrawIt has the power to bring forth frost and freezing cold. 
ShadowcastIt can be obtained from the depths. 

Just like these two things, other information about the game is also available. 

Deepwoken Wiki

Wiki is another platform where the developers of roblox game provide information about the ins and outs of their game. It is more like trello but the interface is different. Also, the way in which the information is mentioned is also different. It is presented in the form of articles. 

On the homepage of deepwoken wiki, you’ll see “trending articles” heading. Under that, you can find the information in the form of an article. Just click on the topic you want to view information on and then, read the article on it. 

Here’s the link of this wiki page –

Final Words

Knowing about the ins and outs of any game you play is important. And for knowing that, wiki and trello boards are one of the best platforms you should visit. There, you can get data about every basic thing about the game.

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