Exoria Worlds End Trello Link 2023!

Looking for Exoria worlds end Trello board to get the information about the ins and outs of the game? If yes, then don’t because the Trello board of this game doesn’t have much information about the game. It only tells about – 

Exoria Worlds End Trello
  • Backlog: This section contains ideas for new features and content that the developers are considering adding to the game.
  • In Development: This section contains features and content that are currently being worked on by the developers.
  • Ready for Testing: This section contains features and content that are ready to be tested by players.
  • Released: This section contains features and content that have been released to the public.

So if you want to get in-game stuff information, you can visit the wiki page. The developers have created Exoria worlds end wiki page that has articles on almost everything present in the game, including classes, races, spells, items, locations, armor, weapons, lore, NPCs, mobs and quest. 

You can visit the wiki page by tapping on this link – https://exoria-worlds-end.fandom.com/wiki/Exoria_World%60s_End_Wiki.

Once you visit it, just click on the topic you want to read the content about, and that’s all. 

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