Underworld Realm Trello, Wiki, Codes & Tier List 2023!

Have you visited this article to gather information about the underworld realm Trello, wiki, its codes, or tier list? Well, you stopped at the right article because it provides links to the Trello board and wiki page, active codes list, and tier list. 

Underworld Realm Trello

Underworld Realm Trello

The Trello board is the place where anyone can find all the information about the game. It is created by developers to let people know what the game is all about. 

In the underworld realm’s Trello, you can find the following information – 

  • Basic information about the game, including its controls, sould, G, and undertake. 
  • Areas, monsters, souls, weapons, soul combos, items, spells, armors, shops, arenas, and gamepasses. 

You can anytime view this content by visiting the Trello board by clicking on this link – https://trello.com/b/uTNGSu7j/the-cooler-underworld-realm

Underworld Realm Codes

Active underworld realm codes are the set of characters given out by the game’s developers to help players get in-game items free of cost. 

Currently, there are two codes that you can redeem – 

CodeRewards you can get after redemption
100kvisits10 Soul orbs + 10 common box keys
1Klikes3 soul orbs + 10 minutes of 2x EXP + 8 keys

Redemption process of the codes 

Codes in Roblox games can be redeemed easily by following the instructions. Here’re the instructions –

  • Open the game and then touch the shopping cart button.
  • Enter an active code. 
  • Hit the redeem button. 

And while following the process, keep in mind that you can only redeem one code only once, the spelling must be as mentioned, and the code must be active. 

Underworld Realm Wiki

Wiki is another platform that contains the game’s information, but it is somewhat different from the Trello board. On this, the developers upload articles about the ins and outs of the game. 

So if you are interested in getting detailed data, the underworld realm wiki page is the best place you can visit. Here’s the link to it –


Although there are no articles available yet, but you can expect that developers will upload them soon. 

Underworld Realm Tier List

The Underworld realm tier list talks about how good a soul is; it divides different game stuff according to this criteria. 

Here’s the soul tier list 

Tier SoulsAbout the souls
SEmpty1% chance to reroll.+12% dodge chances, +5 extra damage, +0.1s cooldown reduction on spells and weapons on level 0. 32% dodge chances, +9 extra damage or 2.2s cooldown reduction weapons/spells on level 10. Automatically buff “your best friend” spell. 
ADeterminationPerseveranceBraveryDetermination2% chances to reroll.+15 max health or +3 extra damage, or +8 max stamina on level 0. +25 max health or +6 extra damage, or +18 max stamina on level 10. 
Perseverance4% chances to reroll.+10% dodge chances on level 0.+30% dodge chances on the 10th level. 
Bravery5% chances to reroll. +4 extra damage on level 0.+9 extra damage on level 10th. 
BKindnessIntegrityKindness13% chances to reroll.+30 max health on level 0.+40 max health on level 10.
Integrity14% chances to reroll.+1 extra mid-air jump on level 0.+4 extra mid-air jumps on the 10th level.
CPatienceJusticePatience 15% chances to reroll.+10 max stamina on level 0.+20 max stamina on level 10. 
Justice 16% chances to reroll.29 Sets running speed at level 0. 39 sets running speed at level 10. 
DNormal 32% chances to reroll.+0.1s cooldown reduction on spells on level 0.+1.1s cooldown reduction on spells on level 10.

Underground realm Monsters tier list 

Here’s the monster’s tier list: 

SFlowey the flower

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