Striker Odyssey Trello & Codes 2023!

Striker Odyssey Trello & Codes: Striker Odyssey is a Roblox game that is inspired by Blue Lock. In this game, the player has to choose the best character, and then he participates in matches. Not just that, but players can also set up their matches. 

Interested to know more about this amazing game where players always try to be at the top? There is no better place than Striker Odyssey for this. Wondering why? Read further, and you’ll know – 

Striker Odyssey Trello & Codes
Striker Odyssey Trello & Codes

Striker Odyssey Trello

It’s a place where the developers have mentioned almost all important information about the game in an organized manner. Whether you’re looking for color auras or weapons in the game, the Trello board has it all. 

Here’s the link to it –

Just tap on the link, and it will take you to the treasure trove of information about the Striker Odyssey game. 

Active Striker Odyssey Codes

Striker Odyssey codes are given out by the developers – Striker Odyssey on different occasions to reward players with different in-game things for free. 

The following is the list of active codes – 

LastShutdownReal25 spins + 2 prodigy spins
ShutdownSPResetStat point reset
AnotherShutdown15 spins + 1 prodigy spin
LikesCode236 spins
LikesCode36 spins + 3 prodigy spins
RELEASE10 spins + 1 prodigy spins

How to redeem these codes? 

It’s simple – 

  • Open the game > move to the main menu > press the customize option > enter the code > redeem it. 

And voila..! The rewards will be added to your account asap. 

How to get the latest codes? 

Getting the latest codes of this Roblox game is one of the simplest things. It can be done within seconds. 

  • Visit the official discord server of the game.
    • Here’s its link –

  • Check if any new code is released. That’s all. 

After from the discord server, you can also join the official group of the game to get the newly released codes via this link –

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