Higan Eruthyll Tier List, Codes, Wiki, Discord & How To Reroll?

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Higan Eruthyll Tier List
Higan Eruthyll Tier List

Higan Eruthyll Tier List

The characters of higan eruthlly are classified into six tiers as per their capabilities. Characters in Tier 1 are the best. 2 are good. The 3 tier characters are decent. 4 tier are average. Tier 5 characters are bad and the last one, 6th tier characters are not chosen by many players. 

The below-mentioned tier list explains the tier list according to classes. 

ClassDetails Characters in the class along with tiers, grade and main skill effects.
Guardian class 
The characters in this class have high endurance and when a guardian is present, all teammates take 5% less damage. 
Gyldan (Tier 1)SSR gradeControl and defence are major skill effects. 
Caesar (tier 1)SSR gradeBuff and healing are major skill effects. 
Kear (tier 2)SR gradeGroup and shield are major skill effects.
Armand (tier 3) SR GradeDMG and buff are major skill effects.
Hoplite ClassThese are melee DMG dealers.  Sirslet (tier 2) SSR gradeDMG and burst are major skill effects. 
Eupheria (tier 2)SR gradeDmg and shield are major skill effects. 
Basell (tier 2)SSR gradeDMG and control are the main skill effects.
Hathor (tier 3)SR gradedmg and burst are the main skill effects. 
Ume (tier 4) R Grade Control and AOE are major skill effects.
Mommel (tier 4) R grade DMG and Buff are major skill effects.
Eiserne (tier 4)R Grade DMG and Special are the main skill effects.
Assassin ClassThese characters are specialised in inflicting burst damage and agility. Eluya (tier 1)SSR GradeDMG and Burst Alare are major skill effects.
Kueen (tier 2) SR GradeAoE and Dislocate are major skill effects.
Ranger ClassCharacters of the ranger class are long-distance dmg dealers. Moetesju (tier 1)SSR GradeDMG, Pet and Buff are major skill effects.
Fene (tier 2)SSR GradeBurst and DMG are major skill effects.
Rita (tier 2)SSR GradeDMG and Knock Back are major skill effects. 
Black (tier 2)SR GradeAoE and DMG are major skill effects.
Mireya (tier 3)R GradeDMG and AoE are major skill effects.
Caster ClassThey cast ATK spells. Media (tier 1)SSR GradeDMG and AoE are major skill effects. 
Ciamkom (tier 1)There are no major skill effects.
Kloar (tier 3) R GradeDMG and AoE are major skill effects.
Follett (tier 3)SR Grade AoE and Buff are major skill effects.
ISA (tier 3) R GradeControl and AoE are major skill effects.
Alore (tier 4)R GradeDMG and Energy Recharge are major skill effects.
Adiutrix ClassLiv (tier 1) SSR GradeDMG and Healing are major skill effects.
Asa (tier 1)R GradeHealing and Buff are major skill effects.
Nuno (tier 1) SSR GradeHealing and Shield are major skill effects.
Rooco (tier 2) SR GradeHealing and Blind are major skill effects.
Screamer (tier 2)SR GradeHealing and Blind are major skill effects.
Codier (tier 3) R GradeHealing and Buff are major skill effects.
Cella (tier 4) R GradeGroup and Shield are major skill effects.

Higan Eruthyll Wiki

The Wiki page of higan eruthyll contains articles on almost everything in the game including tier list, characters, opinion exchange lounge, guides, and more. 

So if you are anyone who wants to gather information from the official source only, wiki is the best place you can go. Here is its link – 


Just click on it > tap on the article you want to read > and that’s all. 

Higan Eruthyll Discord 

The Discord server is a great platform for interacting with other gamers as well as staying updated with every new thing the developers announces. 

To join it, you just need to accept the invitation. Here’s it – 


Higan Eruthyll How Reroll Guide

Reroll is the method that many gacha players use to get characters of good rank. Here’s the higan eruthlly reroll guide – 

  • Summon a character > log out of the game if you don’t like it. 
  • Delete the game’s data from the settings. 
  • Sign in again. 
  • Summon a character and see if you get the desired one. If you don’t you can repeat the steps. 


You can redeem the higan eruthyll codes that offer to reroll.

Higan Eruthyll Codes

These are the way of getting free in-game items in a legit way. The developers of the game give out these codes to give players rewards. 

Here’s the list of codes that you can redeem currently – 

CodeFree things 
VARSHE4630x basic selected material boxes, 10x fine wit potion and 15x intermediate selected material boxes. 
TIMAEUSS3k credits, 10x heartbeat gift boxes and 20x long lasting gift boxes. 
HEgachagaming20k credits, 300x standard dubriostald and 2x fine wit potion. 
CHAOTICHE4610x heartbeat gift boxes, 20x long-lasting gift boxes and 30k credits. 

How to redeem the codes? 

Redemption is simple – 

  • Open the game and tap on the cogwheel icon to go to the settings. 
  • Click on the higan eruthyll promo codes option and then enter the code in the given box. 
  • Click on confirm and that’s all. 

So that’s all about the higan eruthyll wiki, codes, reroll guide, tier list and discord

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