Jujutsu Trello, Codes, Tier List, Weapons & Locations!

If you have come to this web page, you are likely looking for Jujutsu Trello or its codes. Right? Well, you stopped at the right place because I’ll pen down all the information you’re looking for. So don’t leave the page before reading the post till the end – 

Jujutsu Trello

Jujutsu Trello 

The Roblox games developers create a Trello board to educate the players about the game. Most games have one, but as of now, jujutsu doesn’t. 

I have searched for the Trello page a lot but didn’t find one. So there is a high probability that developers haven’t created one yet. 

That’s why, if you are looking for Trello, you have to wait until it gets created. 

But if you just wanna gather information about the game, I’m mentioning some of it below. 

Fruit Warriors Trello

Jujutsu Curses Tier List

ItemChances of getting it from GladiusThe cost required to max outMoves
Inumako50%7 SP1st move (stop) = it temporarily immobilizes the enemy. 
2nd move (repulse) = for creating distance between the players and their enemy. 
3rd move (crumble away) = it is used to create a crippling gravitational force on the enemy.  
4th move (explode) = for blowing the enemy away via explosion. 
Mahito25%7 SP1st move (spike jump) = for turning yourself into spikes ball. 
2nd move (spikes) = spiels protrude from the player’s torso.
3rd move (chain slash) = this can turn the player’s arm into a chain that they can swing. 
4th move (club) =  this can turn the player’s hand into a club. 
Jogou15%122 SP1st move (disaster flames) = this move causes a giant eruption that has the power to burn the enemy. 
2nd move (overheat strike) = it can cause ground-splitting eruption. 
3rd move (flames impact) = it is for launching off the ground and slamming that by causing a great eruption. 
4th move (maximum meteor) = cause an eruption with the same power as a meteor hitting. 
Geto2%91 SPMoves of this use the player’s cursed energy to perform actions. 
1st move (maneuver) = temporarily increases the player’s mobility. 
2nd move (revolt) = it uses the player’s cursed energy to create space between the player and their enemy.
3rd move (ground slam) = for grabbing the enemy and slamming them into the ground. 
4th move (spike rush) = casts spikes wave.
5th move (slingshot) = shoot a ball of cursed energy that can damage any enemy it touches.
6th move (finale) = decimates the enemy. 
61 SP1st move (lapse blue) = has the power to create an attraction field. 
2nd move (reversal red) = create repulsion field. 
3rd move (expansion domain) = for bringing the enemy inside the limitless. Inside it, a huge amount of raw information floods the enemy’s mind, immobilizing them. 
4th move (hollow purple) = this move creates an imaginary mass that can erase everything that comes in its way. 

Jujutsu Weapons

This is the list of some weapons in the jujutsu game – 

WeaponRarityWhere can you buy it from M1 DMG
KatanaRareFrom Robert, with 140 kaizens
⏩ You can also obtain katana from a quest from kinemum
StaffCommonFrom Robert for 80 kaizens1
SaiCommonFor 65 kaizens from Robert2
TetsuboRareFor 375 kaizens from Robert23

Jujutsu Locations

Following are the locations available in the game where players can play – 

  • Forest, city, park, town school, swamp, dojo, town, city school, and bridge. 

Jujutsu Codes

Codes are a set of characters created by game developers to help players reach new heights in the game. These are usually released on special occasions, like when the game hits any milestone, etc. 

But no matter why and when the codes are released, they are extremely helpful for the players. So let’s get to the active codes list – 

1000LIKES3 free spins
RELEASE3 free spins

How to redeem jujutsu codes? 

The redemption process is like a breeze – 

  • Open the game > press down the M key to go to the menu.
  • Tap settings.
  • Hit the code option. 
  • Fill in the active code you wish to redeem. 
  • Lastly, hit the redeem option. 

⏩ Make sure you enter the exact spelling because codes are case-sensitive. 

End Note 

There is no exact and reliable information about the jujutsu’s Trello board. So you have to be patient until the board is created. 

And when we talk about codes, there are currently two active codes that offer three free spins. If you want to get it, just redeem the codes by following the outlined steps. And To get more codes, you can join the game’s discord server. 

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