Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List & Wiki 2023!

Are you a player of the roblox game developed by Osiris productions – project Mugetsu

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Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List
Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List

Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List

Tier list is usually made to let players know what’s best and what’s not so that they can choose the best for them. Here’s project mugetsu clan tier list – 

SClans in this tier are extremely powerful and have the ability to turn the war to the player’s favour. Urahara and kurosaki
AThese are very powerful but not as much as S tier clans. Their abilities can really prove to a game changer in the battle. UryuYamamotoKuchikiKyoraku
BClans of tier B can help the player in many situations. HisagiHitsugayaIchimaruUnohanaShihoin
CThese too are good but aren’t a great fit if you want to become the best player. They are usually the one players experiment with. 
DThese are the weakest ones in the game and are effective in only specific situations. Besides, they are also not considered worth it. YadomaruShishigawaraGinjoKutsuzawaSadoYukioInoueDokugamineKotetsuMuguruma

Project Mugetsu Shikai Tier list

To unlock shikai, you have to be on 20th level of meditation and level 15+ of your character. After that, you have to defeat zanpakuto.

⏩ You must be a soul reaper to unlock shikai. 

There are currently 5 forms of shikai in the game – 

  • Kamishini
  • Hyorinmaru
  • Ryujin Jakka
  • Senbonzakura
  • Zangetsu

But, the tier list for project mugetsu shikai forms isn’t available yet. 

Project Mugetsu Wiki

The wiki page is a platform where developers of the game upload articles on different things of the game. 

But currently, the project mugetsu wiki page isn’t available. The developers may have not created it yet. Although, they might create one in future. But you have to wait till then. 

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