Roblox Unordinary Trello, Codes, Wiki & Tier List 2023!

Do you want to gather all sorts of information about Unordinary Trello, codes, tier list and wiki? Or are you here to get information about the process of getting free in-game items? Or do you want to go through its tier list to choose the best thing for you? 

If you are here for any of these reasons, you should not miss going through this article as it has details about unordinary Trello, codes, tier list and wiki page. 

Roblox Unordinary Trello, Codes, Wiki & Tier List
Roblox Unordinary Trello, Codes, Wiki & Tier List

Unordinary Trello

The developers of this Roblox game have created the Trello board to help players gather all information about the game.

 It covers the details about – 

  • Abilities, quest, devs, NPC, codes, updates, Trello staff and frequently asked questions. 

So if you want to know anything about these things in the game, you should visit the Trello board. Here is its link –

Unordinary Codes

Codes are a way to provide in-game stuff to players even without any cost. The game makers give them out at different events. 

But there is a negative thing about these codes – they only work for a while. After that, they expire. So if players want to get things from them, they have to redeem them within the time limit. 

Now, let’s get to the list of codes that you can currently redeem – 

!Release1500 money, 3 spins and 10 min xp boost
!100Likes3000 money and 5 spins
!HairColorRerollThe reward for this code is unknown, but you’ll surely get something amazing. 
!500Likes3 spins
!2000Likes3 spins and 10 minutes xp boost

Now, you know the codes that currently offer free spins, money and xp boost. But for getting these things, redeeming them is necessary. Here’s how you can redeem these codes – 

  • Open the Unordinary game. 
  • Tap on the chat button or press the “/” key on the keyboard. 
  • Now, just enter the codes you want to get rewards from. 
  • Press redeem option. 

And that’s all you need to do to get benefits from the codes. 

Unordinary Wiki

This is the place where you can find a detailed description of most things about the game.

It has articles about data about abilities, aura manipulation, characters, John, Jane, Seraphina, locations and many other things. So if you want to know about anything in detail, these articles will help you a lot. 

Just go to the unordinary wiki page > open the article you want to read by clicking on it > and that’s all you need to do to collect information from here. 

Here’s the link to this page –

Unordinary Tier List 

A tier list is created to help players learn what’s best and what’s not. The unordinary tier list contains four tiers. 

TierThings under that tier
GodTime manipulation Can heal the player 70%. Aura manipulationPermits to copy four abilities. Amplify with a 1.5x faster aura bar drain. Gravity manipulation Have the power to slow down the players who are lower than you. BarrierMakes a ball that consists of hp. HydrofreezeAllows transmutation between two modes. 
High Energy DischargeEnergy sphere – Send an orb which automatically explodes when it hits the target. Energy beam – Send an auto-aim energy beam. LightningFlash a flash – Paralyse the opponent for some time.ThunderboltAegisShield up – Provides defence for some time. After the defence time is over, an aoe blast occurs that damages the enemy. Solat spear – throws a spear to the opponent that pierces them. Lunar strike – It’s a cursor for the enemy because it releases a huge aoe attack. RogueSmoke bomb – Fill smoke within the place that makes the player invisible, although the player can see the opponent. It also gives a speed boost. Fuuma strikeKunai strikeFireclawsFire HurricaneBurning Punce A movement move. 
Mid Dizzy Punch It shakes the enemy’s screen.Rock arm Gives more hp and faster speed to the player.Strong Punch  Cause a lot of damage. RegenerationRegenerates hp. SuperhumanFaster and stronger than other skills. 
Low IlluminationTemporarily binds the enemy.NeedleCombo extension can be supported by a needle burst.
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